Screen novel ingredients for customers to design new products:
We've always been pursuing the ongoing discovery about novel, natural-occuring chemicals and novel technologies, keeping tracking the latest published scientific literature, and meanwhile collecting the available information into our research database.
Once customers have projects in developing new dietary supplement products with specific functions, we can sort out the novel ingredients from our database according to customers' requirements for screening and subsequent researches.

Find the optimal ingredients for customers to upgrade products:
To make the products always competitive in dietary supplement market, our customers need to keep on upgrading the ingredients. AVIVA also has a loving heart for innovation, so we at all times support customers' upgrade plans. We can search the list and mechanism of target chemicals from our database and then offer the optimal proposal for ingredients improvement.

Other customized services about the ingredients:
Besides the questions on screening novel ingredients, upgrading the products in existance, you may have all kinds of new requirements during different stage on you way to new success. AVIVA also has the determination to be a good partner. Any question from you about the ingredients, we'll elaborately analyze it according to your needs. The customized services about the ingredients surely can help you run your project smoothly.