in manufacuring and distributing active ingredients
and finished dosage ( softgel, tablet and capsule)
for over than 15 years. We also have the capability
to help our clients to develop new ingredients or
formula design in China. Meanwhile, We also
provide sourcing , Testing and auditing service on customer requirements.

    We , Aviva Pharmaceuticals Ltd,, is one of the
leading company to supply special products from
China, including herbal extracts ,amino acids and
vitamin derivatives. Feature Products: lipoic acid,
l-theanine, beta alanine, benfotiamine, agmatine
sulfate, sulbutiamine, PLCAR and etc.


Strong on R&D and manufacturing development on Ingredients ,Softgel , Local Delivery Service on Active Ingredients.

Indroduce ingedients for the industry
1996-1997: alpha lipoic acid, d-glucosamine hcl, d-glucosamine sulfate 2kcl, d-glucosamine sulfate 2nacl
1998: MSM, St. John's Wort
1999: prohoromones such as 3-acetyl-7-keto DHEA, 1-AD,etc
2000: Pinitol
2001: Policosanol, Synephrine
2002: Otcopamine
2003: AAKG 2:1
2004: R-Lipoic Acid
2005: CEE
2006: Citrulline Malate
2007: Amino Ether Ester Hcl, Hordenine
2008: HICA, Agmatine Sulfate
2009: Evodiamine, Resveratrol
2010: SAMe , CoQ10, PLCAR, Salvia, NO Amino Acids
2011, beta alanine, l-theanine, PEA, DMAA
2012, PQQ, N-Methyl Tyramine Hcl, PSPP